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Dive in and discover your positive and relaxed self

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Retrain Your Brain Essentials

During this 8 week training you will learn how to step out of your (negative) ways of thinking by discovering what awareness is and how you can use it to retrain your brain. We lay the ground work on how to become more into contact with your own body and you’ll get a different perspective on how to deal with the constant stream of thoughts on a daily basis. 
Using Mindfulness and the meditation basics you’ll get a clear concept on how to bring yourself into the present moment and not let yourself get distracted by negative, judgemental thoughts. 

Retrain Your Brain Masterclass

This 6 week training is designed to deepen your practice into consciousness and will you discover what it means to step out of thinking on a deeper level. Each week we discover in an interactive way how our habits stand in the way of enjoying the moment and how we can change that with awareness. 

Connecting to Your Inner Power

Transform on a deeper level. With this 6 week training you will discover how to connect to your inner power each moment you choose to be. We will explore the depths of choice and awareness and how these aspects can serve you in fulfilling your life’s purpose. With this training you’ll connect to the universe and allowing guidance to come to you. We’ll train with shifting our consciousness deliberatly. 

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