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Why is slowing down so important? From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, our days are filled with doing. We constantly move from task to task. Accomplishing one thing and then moving on to the next; getting dressed, brushing our teeth, walking the dog, driving to work, completing all the different projects at work, going to the gym, calling your mom, dinner, etc. The task can be small or big, fun or not so fun, easy or difficult. They can even take multiple days, months or even years. Finish school, college, get a job, get a better job, buy a house, trying to get a raise, etc. And all this ‘doing’ is not just in our actions, it is, maybe even more so, present in our minds. We are thinking about completing the tasks. This task-driven state in and of itself is a wonderful process through which we grow and expand. But there is a downside. All of this ‘making it happen’ can stand in the way of our relaxation and happiness.

Making it happen vs Letting it happen

When our drive to ‘making things happen’ is strong we can accomplish a lot. We can finish the studies we set out to finish, we get the job we want, we may achieve the ‘right’ amount on our bank account. However, you know and feel when this striving is getting in the way of your happiness and relaxation. Maybe you can’t sit still, have a hard time falling asleep, can’t really follow conversations, but most of all you notice it because your mind never stops telling you how things could be better, how things aren’t great at the moment, and judges everyone around you and most of all judges yourself. If this is the case for you, then the ‘making it happen’ has taken over and you are in desperate need of a ‘letting it happen’ mode.

The ‘letting it happen’ mode does not imply becoming a softy. It doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t have dreams or goals anymore. It doesn’t mean that you should not have a voice anymore when things don’t go as you want. All it means, is that you become aware of how this ‘making it happen’ mode is controlling you and your negative way of thinking. This awareness will provide you with the ‘letting it happen’ mode without having to accomplish anything to get into that mode. So in other words; you go from doing to being simply by being consciously aware that you are ‘doing’.


Practice letting it happen

I have come to notice that the more my awareness for the ‘making it happen’ grows the more I find myself relaxing and enjoying what is. This ‘letting it happen’ mode is far more easy, light and happy. But most of all, it is amazing to see that it provides more of what I want without having to go through the struggles of ‘making it happen’. It is like there is a certain grace and ease in letting it happen. And this grace and ease is simply more fun to live by.

Want to experience this yourself? Then practice witnessing your making it happen and making-it-happen-thinking without judgement. Just witness it for a couple of minutes, see it, observe it, breath with it. This is truly slowing down. Try this slowing down for 30 days and see what happens.