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Our default mode is thinking. Even when we aren’t physically doing anything, we are thinking about what we should/could do or what we should/could have done. Most of our time we spend thinking about what was and what might be in the future. And to secure ourselves from what could happen in the future that might endanger us, our thoughts often come in the shape of worries, judgments and fears. And even though it may come in handy in some cases, most of it is excessive and blocks us from enjoying what is now. Awareness of this negative thinking pattern gives us the opportunity to choose whether or not we want to listen to these negative thoughts. The awareness of this choice is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It gives you back your power and your sense of freedom. This awareness means you have woken up.


Mindfulness: a practice of waking up

With Mindfulness you train yourself in waking up. A Mindfulness training provides you with the tools on how to wake up from the endless stream of thinking. You’ll learn how to deal with your thoughts and feelings, you befriend your ways of thinking. You’ll see where they come from, how they serve you and how they sometimes not serve you. You’ll learn how to approach them with a kind and friendly attitude. You’ll see, up close, your patterns and automatic ways of thinking. These insights give you peace, calm and most of all a sense of power. To put it in other words; this awareness is the gateway to all positive change. Without it, change is not possible and all other solutions are just temporary cover-ups that will not give you your true sense of freedom and empowerment.