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Freedom from thought

Thousands upon thousands of thoughts a day. Most of them repetitive. Most of them negative. Most of them useless. Judging, analysing, controlling, worrying, struggling, striving to find a happiness, striving to find freedom. 


Let’s simplify, let’s live…  

Every Type of Event

 Every event is a practice to find out who you are without the story of you. A practice to discover your essence. 





Mindfulness, Meditation & More

“The training has shown me how to be ‘in the moment’. I now have the tools to step out of my restless mind and into the present. Something I make use of on daily basis, especially at the office. 


“I entered the Mindfulness course without any expectations and it gave me so many insights. It showed me that I’m always on my way to the the next moment, the next goal. While it’s so important to stand still and observe what I think, feel and experience. Just by being aware of this process I got so much more peace of mind.”


“Sometimes it felt like Vivianne could read my mind. Her explanations and real life examples helped me find my way to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into my busy schedule.”



There is so much more than the never ending chatter in our minds.

Beyond it lies a space which is full of wonder, full of life.

The real meditation is life itself. 


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